Easy Operation of Multiple Projectors by Mobile Device

Canon Service Tool for PJ App:
Mobile operation made simple

Canon’s free PJ App makes it possible to control Canon projectors remotely and conveniently from iOS devices. Wi-Fi® connection enables the clear display of the projector menu on the screen of your tablet, smartphone or computer – supporting simplified set-up, operation and maintenance. It's the ideal solution for making adjustments to spherical or domed surface projections, brings speed and clarity to error correction and allows multi-projection across up to 9 projectors – independently and simultaneously.

Canon Service
Tool for PJ

Control During Projection Onto Non-flat Surfaces

When projecting onto a non-flat surface such as a sphere, dome or curved screen, it’s not always possible to see the control menu. The PJ App allows the menu to be displayed on the screen of an iOS device – your smartphone or tablet etc. – for simple, convenient control and adjustment.

Non-flat Surfaces Projection

Effortless Multi Projection

Set-up time for multi-projection is significantly reduced with the PJ App. From an iOS device screen, simply set up the first projector and then copy the settings to the other projectors in your network. It’s possible to set up multi-projection for up to 9 projectors simultaneously.

Simplified trouble-shooting

Should a projector error occur, the PJ App enables clear display of the information on an iOS display screen, such as a tablet or smartphone, with simple instructions for immediate correction. Relevant information such as projector values and logs are accessible for further support and analysis.

Wi-Fi® Connection Options

In Projector Access Point (PJ AP) Mode, projectors with built-in Wi-Fi® can connect directly with wireless LAN-compatible computers and compatible devices. Projectors without built-in Wi-Fi® require a separate wireless access point to connect over Wi-Fi®, in Infrastructure Mode – although wired LAN features cannot be used at the same time.

Multi Control – Up to 9 Projectors

While the infrared wireless remote controller can access a maximum of 4 projectors, the PJ App allows individual control of up to 9 projectors, wirelessly. Simply select Multi Control from the display menu and the projectors in your network will be listed. You can apply controls to multiple projectors simultaneously.

Compatible Projectors

Full Function Available

Select Functions Available (Multi Control only)